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Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Recuperation is mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

Traditional gravitational ventilation is based on the draft (suction of air) produced by the chimneys, but it has many disadvantages, including, among others, cooling down the house and not removing moisture from the rooms.

Recuperation, being a mechanical ventilation, is based on the air movement produced by the machine, a device called a recuperator.

The recuperator makes it possible to control the movement of supplied and removed air from the rooms and the recovery of heat from the already warm but dirty (humid and carbonated) air.


energy saving,
no pollution from outside,
no noise from the open window,
control of the amount of air,
blown and pulled out,
ventilation on demand,
quick moisture removal,
quick odor removal,
less dust in the flat,
clean air,
no insects in spring and summer,
recuperation increases the value and standard of buildings and flats.

Recuperation is done instead of gravity ventilation

This means that ventilation chimneys are no longer built in a house with recuperation. However, it is necessary to leave the combustion chimney to the furnace and / or the fireplace. If there is no fireplace in the house, and the heating system is based on a heat pump, there is no chimney.